TableTools2 - a Firefox Addon to Sort, Search, Summarize, Filter, Copy, Chart, Rearrange, Combine & Compare HTML Tables!
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Sort/Summary/Copy/Misc. Features
  • Multiple-column-sorting on unlimited # of columns!!
  • Auto-detects Date, Time, IP address, Number, String, Currency for sorting/filtering
  • Sorts European-, US- or Y-M-D- styled Dates/Numbers and alphanumerical data
  • Sorts images, input box, dropdown menu etc.
  • Provides statistics such as min, max, average, median, stdev, sum, count, unique count for all columns with one click!
  • Copies the filtered/sorted tables in different formats suitable for pasting into Excel, Email etc.
  • Allows copying of only the selected rows/columns/cells in suitables formats too.
  • Hide columns/show hidden columns
  • CtrlKey + drag-n-drop to move columns/rows (new in v0.995)
  • Utilies such as setting/clearing specific range of rows to sort/filter, scroll to table header/footer (for quick access to heading and summary) ...
Search/Filter Features
  • Provides two types of filters - search/select - use one or use both!
  • Intelligent search - search partial string/number/date or match exact value(s) (0.5 and 0.05 E+1 would match each other!)
  • Search supports range operations for all datatypes, even your custom datatypes! - e.g., '<=5 & >3' gives you any number that's over 3 and less or equal to 5, '>= 01.01.2009 | < 01.01.2007' in a M/D/Y date column gives you dates prior to 2007 or in or after 2009, and so on ...
  • Search allows regular expression search, search all columns at once and/or inverted search (matching only those without the search string)
  • Smart select as well - (0.5 and 0.05 E+1 would be one entry on the dropdown menu!)
  • Summary stats are auto-refreshed after filtering
  • Many more!
Chart/Combine Features
  • Chart and analyze table data with one click!
  • Pie/Scatter/Line/Frequency/Histogram/Bubble chart provided
  • Make a savable chart in literally seconds!
  • Combines multiple tables using clicks, then open combined table for further sort/filter or all other actions
Features Shared by the Entire Program
  • Works on complex data table, nested table and table with colspan
  • Speedy (check the 1000-row table demo out!) - reduce unnecessary paging
  • Context-sensitive menu allows quick access to all of TableTools2' power!
  • Nearly all actions has default keyboard shortcuts that can be changed/disabled
  • Entire interface localizable in your language! Internationalized in date style, decimal point.

Why wait? Check out the demo videos for the amazing number of features and you'll want to install TableTools2 now!