Mingyi's FireFox Extension for sorting HTML tables - TableSort

Please note:TableSort FF extension is superceded by another more powerful extension Mingyi created here (named TableTools). Please download and install that one instead!

What can be sorted? - Anything! (well, almost)

A quick demo is below, just press 'ctrl-alt-click' (click is your mouse click) anywhere in the table to sort that column! Also read on for features and more demos!

Please note that US-styled time (or European-styled, based on your chosen preference setting for TableSort), Dollar/Euro/Yen/Pound, Number, Text, IP addresses are automatically recognized. But for other formats, please right click anywhere in the table and choose the appropriate data type for correct sorting.

US time European date time Y-M-D date & time Dollars Chinese money IP addresses Names Numbers
this is footer row number ONE! adsf adsf adsf adsf

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How to install and use the TableSort FF extension
What's new & Version history
Author & feature lists

How to install and use the TableSort FF extension

That's it! You can now sort pretty much any html tables on the web now! For advanced usage, read on!

Author and feature lists:

This FF extension was converted by Mingyi Liu from Mingyi's powerful cross-browser Javascript listed here. In fact, IMHO, it's the most powerful/feature-rich html table sorting JS on the web.
The extension has these features:
  1. Ease of use - right click inside table and select context menu options to sort, or just press 'ctrl+alt+mouse click' anywhere in table to activate sorting even faster!
  2. Fast and accurate sorting and even faster when reversing sorted column.
  3. Automatically detects date, number, text, currency, IP address and sort them. Auto-detect timestamp (not just date), negative numbers, scientific notations, multiple currencies correctly.
  4. Allow user to specify column data type explicitly through context menu.
  5. Provide preference (option) settings such that one could change the default behavior of the extension
  6. Support multiple tables on same html page.
  7. Works with thead, tbody, th, etc. html tags. Or even nested tables. Allows multi-row header and footer.
  8. Tolerates table colspans, although the end sorting results could be funny looking
  9. Support various levels of style preserving (row-level, cell-level or table-level (default)). Particularly useful for table rows that're alternatively highlighted (choose 'row-level' for it, which is default).
Unfortunately, due to the complexity of converting some features (and my laziness), the extension lost these features of the javascript it's based on:
  1. Cross-browser support.
  2. Allow user/web page author input a customized date format (like 2006, 09/26).
  3. Allow user/web page author input a custom sorting function that practically would enable sorting anything they want!

What's new and version history

version 0.11: version 0.1: First release


It's standard FF extension - licenses are (http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/, GPL and LGPL) and no warranty provided (use it at your own risk!) ;)